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What is IRIS?

IRIS is a highly effective and versatile online behaviour and rewards solution for secondary schools. It is extremely simple for class teachers to use, yet gives detailed, in-depth analysis of the data to school managers. IRIS includes automatic detention scheduling and management, highly adaptable rewards, interventions logging as well as unlimited staff, student and parent accounts.

Why choose IRIS?

IRIS provides probably the most powerful real-time analysis of data available to schools. IRIS offers a depth, speed and flexibility of analysis unrivalled by any similar application. Users can start with an overview of the whole schools and drill down into the analysis, finishing with an individual student's behaviour and rewards record; each stage with just a single click of the mouse.

Benefits of IRIS:

  • Reduced fixed term exclusions
  • Manage low-level behaviour effectively
  • Increase staff engagement with behaviour management systems
  • Free up pastoral staff time to be used more proactively
  • Includes unlimited parent and student accounts

Low-Level Disruption

IRIS's powerful analysis tools allow pastoral managers in school to readily identify students causing concern. Also, see patterns and trends in low-level behaviour simply and easily and tackle it effectively before it gets to be a bigger problem.

School Detentions

IRIS offers a number of options for managing school sanctions, right up to full and automatic detention management, including automatic scheduling, re-scheduling and escalation of detentions.

Full Staff Involvement

Some behaviour monitoring applications involve clicking through several pages and menus to enter events, leading to less than full staff engagement with the system. IRIS's simple and intuitive interface allows class teachers to add rewards and concerns quickly and easily through IRIS's unique Classroom Manager page.

Improve Communication

IRIS automatically alerts form tutors when incidents are logged for their students. Teachers are automatically emailed when pastoral leaders add comments to pupil records. Email only those staff who teach a given student with IRIS's group mail facility.

Rewards System

IRIS offers a number of options for managing rewards as well as school sanctions, including multiple rewards types and automatic rewards points totalling. You can also see the balance between positive reward points and negative behaviour points.

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